Magazine Marie Claire

December 2019

Report, interview and profile Fina Badia I Knit Studio in the section “Adresses Incontournables” of the Marie Claire magazine.


April 2020

“Each piece is unique and responds to a particular story”. Interview and VIDEO with Fina Badia I Knit Studio in the digital edition of INTERIORES magazine



April 2020

Presentation of the new atelier Fina Badia I Knit Studio located in the heart of Barcelona located at  Bori i Fontestà street num:16, in the section  “Singular Places” of the INTERIORES magazine


July 2017 


Fina Badia I Knit Studio appears in the INTERIORES magazine showing and presenting the new Noah pendant lamp  in Top Deco section of the magazine.

Interiores Num 201


  Fina Badia I Knit Studio, shown in its purest state, trying to emulate the essence of an exclusive African lodge, creating a warm space that becomes an idyllic meeting point for all visitors at the CSIO event Real Club de Polo de Barcelona (Polopark). Looking to surprise and impress the visitor with a certain…


  “The art of light through the knitting warmth” On the occasion of CSIO, located in the Real Club de Polo de Barcelona, ​​the oldest international sporting event in Spain and the great event of the International Equestrian, Fina Badia I Knit Studio, has worn the entrance to the site of a very special way,…


We are proud to have been part of the interior decoration of a new restaurant of “Nomo Group” and “Mas de Torrent” located in the heart of the Costa Brava, and help provide to add warmth, fresh, Mediterranean air and hand crafted space. Jani , is a very original, current and fresh space, like all…