Architecture and Design magazine n.177

December 2015

Our Kuki puff on a dark charcoal colour, appear on the cover of the decoration magazine Architecture and Design , giving a a special touch of warmth to the space.

Buenas Migas

We make all sorts of fully customized Home Knitted products adapted to specific spaces. Lead by the Studio Sandra Tarruella, Knit Studio elaborates a part of the interior decoration of the new Buenas Migas using products to bring warmth and tradition to the room. The Home Knitting and the incorporation of craftsmanship in different spaces…

Fina Badia at “Els Matins de TV3” TV Program

March 2013

Product presentation Fina Badia I Knit Studio, with Elena Garcia Melero and Maria Josep Soler, in the TV3 program “Els Matins”