In Teresa Cabaní Studio

March 2016

In Teresa Cabaní Studio, you can find a selection of Fina Badia I Knit Studio products.

Detail of Bárbara lampshades, creating an amazing glowing pattern.

Nuevo proyecto a medida en el corazón de Barcelona

Febrero 2016

Ultimando detalles, en un nuevo proyecto a medida en el corazón de Barcelona.

Finalizing details on a new project as in the heart of Barcelona.

Finalisation de détails sur un nouveau projet dans le coeur de Barcelone.

Evocando al mar

Enero 2016

Evocando al mar, con la Malla de Punto en un nuevo y apasionante proyecto.

Evoking  the sea with the Knit Mesh, in a new and exciting project.

Ëvoquant la mer avec le maille tricot dans un nouveau et passionnant projet.


Fina Badia I Knit Studio collaborates with Agrimonia in decorating the restaurant Tragaluz (Passatge de la Concepció, Barcelona) creating centerpieces entirely ad hoc, original, in which all kinds of natural materials merge with the luminaires Barbara and the Chain Stitch light by Fina Badia Knit Studio. Resulted in an environment of magical light is generated…


Fina Badia I Knit Studio merged with Santa&Cole in the second edition of the White Summer Market, to create a unique space, and present their products together, creating its own view to the objects around us. The furniture and lamps Santa&Cole, get dressed by the texture and sensitivity of Fina Badia I Knit Studio.


A´kaskarla  has been an ambitious project located in the heart of the market "La Boqueria" of Barcelona, where we could collaborate in the atmosphere to give a special touch of warmth and distinction to space with a sea flavor, adding the characteristic bustle of "La Boqueria". In this project we´ve been focused in looking for…

Decorating magazine “El Mueble”

November 2015

Dressing Christmas spaces in the number 642, of the deocrating magazine “El Mueble”.

“Divendres TV3” Television Program
“Special Emprenedors”

September 2015

Product presentation Fina Badia I Knit Studio section of entrepreneurs of Pau Garcia Mila and Elena Garcia Melero in “Divendres” TV3 program “Special Emprenedors”.

Toc Hotel

Collaborating with the architectural firm GCA Architects, we dress with Barabara luminaires the Hall of Hotel "Toc Hostel Sevilla", creating a space that we like to qualify as a "Mediterranean Marraquech", in which the mixture of interior design created by GCA plus the Barbara luminaires create a whole new inspiring setting renovated. In the case…


The newly opened restaurant König signing in Girona, intended to be the flagship of the chain. In a beautiful space, exquisitely decorated, lit and dress have a very special way the main dining room with pendant lights Noah, bringing a touch of craftsmanship and originality to the space, a way to emulate the classic Chandeliers,…