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“The art of light through the knitting warmth”

On the occasion of CSIO, located in the Real Club de Polo de Barcelona, ​​the oldest international sporting event in Spain and the great event of the International Equestrian, Fina Badia I Knit Studio, has worn the entrance to the site of a very special way, with the aim of hitting and surprise everyone who acceded to the enclosure.

The purpose was to put at 7 meter high centerpiece, one Noah XXL, 1.60 m high in the center, surrounded by satellites (Barbaras 40 and 50 diameter) , to create a light installation  in suspension creating a magical, volatile, elegant, symmetrical effect …..

We like to emphasize that from all prisms and all the visions, the symmetry, the optical effect and the visual impact of the installation was the desired and raised in the first first sketches at the time of the commission of the project.

Both the organization and the whole team Fina Badia I Knit Studio, we are really proud of the result