Fina Badia

She recieves a Fashion degree from the University of Southampton and obtains a Bachelor of Arts with Honours during her university career specializing in knits.
She works as a knit designer for 16 years and participates in fashion collections for leading brands like VITTORIO LUCHINO, PEPCO, TCN, FUREST, GERRY, GUESS, SELVATGI, etc.
She teaches Fashion specializing in knits at two of the most important universities in Spain.
She creates Fina Badia Knit Studio because of her admiration for knitting.

Knit Studio

Fina Badia Knit Studio originates from an anxiety to apply knitting in spaces that are beyond fashion
18 years of dedication to knit fashion design have concluded in a creation of a home-knitting that is absolutely innovative because of its ability to create spaces that transmit warmth, sensitivity and crafts.
Fina Badia Knit Studio also makes custom-made pieces based on the needs of each client (lobbies, halls, hotels, shops etc …).


All products made by Fina Badia Knit Studio are handcrafted in Spain (Barcelona) and are not mass produced. All materials involved in the making of products for Knit Studio are either national or European.
To sensitize, empathize and connect with Fina Badia Badia Knit Studio, is not within everyone’s reach. Fina Badia Knit Studio aims to understand the product, knowing how to locate it and to connect with its sensations with just a look.
Thank you very much for visiting this website and I hope and wish that items purchased from the online shop meet your expectations and that this is a ”welcome” to the home-knitting!