• A´kaskarla 00 Fina Badia

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  • A´kaskarla 03 Fina Badia

A´kaskarla  has been an ambitious project located in the heart of the market “La Boqueria” of Barcelona, where we could collaborate in the atmosphere to give a special touch of warmth and distinction to space with a sea flavor, adding the characteristic bustle of “La Boqueria”.

In this project we´ve been focused in looking for a new concept of the traditional “sailing nets”. The result was that we create and  ad hoc “knit mesh”  for the stairwell, the top rail and the entrance that create an interesting effect, you can´t miss it!!!

The Noah pendant lights combined with chain stitches suspended in the majestic entrance of the establishment, along with fresh produce from the Sea, invites us to visit and taste their dishes.

Working on this project has been a real pleasure!